Reserve Parachutes

Parachute Systems has been designing and manufacturing skydiving parachutes and harnesses since the early 80's. Although we are dealers for all of their products, this page lists the popular products and their prices.

NB. Parachute Systems parachutes are sold all over the world. As of the 1st of October 2014 Parachute Systems has decided to price gear in US Dollars only. For South Africans, this means that the price does fluctuate with the exchange rate. Hence, the prices listed on this page are an indication, for the latest price please contact us.  

Decelerator Reserve Parachutes

Certified under TSO C 23 (d)
Individually hot knife cut using I-beam construction with span wise and chord wise reinforcement.
Strong, reliable 7 cell reserve parachute. Small pack volume.
Designed to open quick, with minimal altitude loss.
Solid, stable airfoil and easy to land.
Available in a wide range of sizes, suitable to your body weight and experience level.

PRICE: R12 499 (sizes 108, 120, 135, 150)

PRICE: R14 099 (sizes 180)

PRICE: R14 999 (sizes 220)

PRICE: R15 999 (sizes 250)