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Parachute Systems has been designing and manufacturing skydiving parachutes and harnesses since the early 80's. Although we are dealers for all of their products, this page lists the popular products and their prices. Of course custom colours are available and the parachutes come in a rang of sizes. Price is also size dependent with regards to parachutes, as such please contact us for the final price on your selected parachute and size

NB. Parachute Systems parachutes are sold all over the world. As of the 1st of October 2014 Parachute Systems has decided to price gear in US Dollars only. For South Africans, this means that the price does fluctuate with the exchange rate. Hence, the prices listed on this page are an indication, for the latest price please contact us.  

The Hurricane Elliptical Parachute

The purist elliptical in its field
Known for its consistently soft on heading openings
Not prone to spins like most elliptical.
Very solid airfoil – stable and predictable.
Flatter glide than most other elliptical parachutes in its range, giving it further reach.
Known for its long dives on front risers, snappy turns and quick responses, with long flat swoops.
Powerful flare without the need of radical turns to generate lift.
Small pack volume and easy to pack.
Available in sizes: 105, 120, 135, 150, 170
Strung with 825 pound spectra lines.
Custom colours available

PRICE: R14 499 (sizes 105, 120, 135)

PRICE: R16 949 (sizes 150, 170)


Volt Semi-elliptical Parachutes

Slightly tapered airfoil which is reliable on heading openings. Great for wing suiting with a flat glide and with easy landings this canopy is ideal for intermediate pilots and jumpers who want reliable and easy to fly canopy.

Soft on heading openings
Light toggle and front riser pressure
Not easy to stall in full flare
Maintains good lift on landing, even at low airspeed
Small and easy to pack and made with new microfiber fabric
Very responsive without being radical
Make sure you select the right size canopy for your experience level and weight

Custom colours available

PRICE: R14 499 (sizes 120, 135)

PRICE: R16 949 (sizes 150, 170, 185, 210)