The Born(man) Deception

Posted by Ria Moothilal on Monday, April 12, 2010

Like Jason Bourne we too have a master of tricks in our community. One Lehan Bornman.

Trick #1: Three weeks ago its discovered on the dz that Lee had passed the 100 jump mark, and defied tradition. In true Born(man) style, he talked his way out saying he didn't want to count his jumps from 10 years ago. BS - but we let it slide.

Trick #2: This past weekend, we think he's got to be there by now, a quick inspection of his logbook reveals nothing... Born(man) doesn't leave a paper trail. Fortunately, the pro track does not lie -  jump count 113. Yes Born(man), has joined those other [insert your feline term of choice here]'s who have defied tradition in the most vile method possible... denial of jump numbers!

Trick #3: Realising he's caught, an agitated Born(man), confesses to his crime (with no remorse for his blatant defiance of tradition), avoids any further talk on the matter, and threatens reprecussions... hahahaha

How many beers is this worth???

Pic below: An unremorseful Born(man)

Bloody Agent!

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