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The Born(man) Deception

Posted by Ria Moothilal on Monday, April 12, 2010,

Like Jason Bourne we too have a master of tricks in our community. One Lehan Bornman.

Trick #1: Three weeks ago its discovered on the dz that Lee had passed the 100 jump mark, and defied tradition. In true Born(man) style, he talked his way out saying he didn't want to count his jumps from 10 years ago. BS - but we let it slide.

Trick #2: This past weekend, we think he's got to be there by now, a quick inspection of his logbook reveals nothing... Born(man) doesn't leave a paper trail. Fortuna...

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"Hanging" out at the dropzone

Posted by Ria Moothilal on Friday, March 26, 2010,
Sometimes you just cant plan shit this good. On Monday I went to Delta, along with my new camera to hopefully get some cool pics. Lee and Louis went out to do a two way so I thought I'd get some pics of the two of them coming in to land. Not having their pro ratings, I walked out to the centre of the landing area (where one would normally land). Granted the wind had picked up, but nothing worse than they'd flown in before. It took a real effort on their sides to fly a fantastically long down ...
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Wheeling and Dealing

Posted by Ria Moothilal on Saturday, March 13, 2010,

First piece of good news that both the Sorz and Mini Flex Z goggles are on their way, shipped last week so should be here in the next week or two.

Argus AAD's now on offer. Again, price is cheaper than retail (well normal retail anyway), the guy I'm partnering with on this is seriously wants more skydivers to jump with AAD's, so we're trying to make it more affordable. Still a fairly significant investment, but hey, its its your life we're talking about here.

I'm daily trying to add more produ...

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It Begins.... ;-)

Posted by AfricanSkyGear on Friday, March 5, 2010,

Site is up!!! Woohoo!!! I'll be using this blog to keep you up to date on the latest stock and any other skydiving news.

First up Sorz goggles are on their way, should be here before the end of March.

There's been a request for Flex Z Mini goggles as well, these will be here soon as well.

I know the site isn't fully complete, I'll updating, adding prices, more info, etc. in the coming days

People its March, and March is safety month - good gear is part of that, order now ;-)

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Who is AfricanSkyGear?

Owner - Ria Moothilal I've been in the skydiving world for few years now. Having done my first jump course on the 13th November 2005. It all started off with Pietermaritzburg Parachute Club. At the end of 2006 I moved down to Cape Town. The Cape Town scene seriously lacked colour and spice, it was my duty as a charou to enlighten these souls. After lots of spinning I finally finished my progression, several surgeries and and couple licenses later I'm now a regular at either of the Cape Town dropzones. Oh, and of course being of Indian origin, I'm now living the Indian skydivers dream - I've got a skydiving shop ;-)


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