Being a South African skydiver I know how hard it is to buy gear over here. Over the past few years I've built up contacts with several manufacturers and have now launched this site to assist you getting the gear you need.

I've decided to make some changes to my offering. 

Currently I can offer you the following :

  • AADs - I'm the dealer for the Vigil brand of AAD's
  • Sorz goggles - the original Sorz brand used by skydivers around the globe
  • Larsen & Brusgaard Altimeters (both audible and visual digital altimeters) and batteries
  • Various Hook Knives
  • Mains/Reserves/Harnesses - as of now I'm no longer dealing for Parachute Systems - sales weren't going well, but watch this space for future deals

Stay Safe!


The mission

Just because we live in South Africa should not mean that we need to pay an arm and a leg for gear. It should not mean that buying something in the USA is cheaper than buying it here. Therefore, the goal of AfricanSkyGear is to keep all prices at the manufacturer's recommended retail + VAT (NB. Prices on US websites are not the final price you pay because they add tax on top of the advertised prices)

The method

We keep prices down by doing business in a smart and efficient manner. Our business is 100% above board whilst costs are saved on practices such as bulk purchasing and not having a brick and mortar store. Of course this approach doesn't work without sales and for that we're very grateful for the support from skydivers in South Africa and our neighbouring countries

The reward

For us the biggest reward is knowing that South African skydivers have access to quality gear at a fair price. Its no longer necessary for our fellow skydivers to buy gear abroad because its cheaper there.

South African Skydivers performing a Free Fly Jump

South African (yes, they're all saffas) Freefly Action over Lodi (Photo by Blair Hamelink)

From left: Nicholas Scalabrino, Michael Wooldridge, Oliver Nothen, Ria Moothilal, Louis Whittal, Lehan Bornman, and Cynthia Currie

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